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I wore a cute glass,and i love mini dress. I love ice cream and cream of some cakes. I love cookies. I love fashion. I'm just a little weird chick and never know about something important. 13 years old.

November 13, 2010


     I really hate a someone who has a selfishness in their heart,actually everybody has it. For the example,a someone who always think that the one is very important and interest to everything,then they will be sniffy,and like arrogant one.
     Oh my god,how silly they are,a selfishness just makes everybody hates a someone who has the selfishness one. I really hate my mum,at this morning she was so selfish,she thinks that i always wrong and even i cant do anything in this house,but actually,we are the same. My mum can not do everything but she said/mocks to me. I am poor. Just like me. She cant realize.She doesn't like me at this morning because of my father too,my father just makes a small trouble and never want to do apologizes. Actually,my father and my mum just have a selfishness in their heart and just showed it to me.
     A selfishness can break a someone's life. Can break a friendship and even relationship in this life. If you could find a someone without selfishness in his/her life,the someone is fucking perfect. At the fact,actually EVERYBODY HAS A SELFISHNESS IN THEIR LIFE PART. but,they cant admit it,because if a someone admits that they are selfish,they will get a shame.
      This the life,we can not admit our bad part life to everyone,we can get a shame to everyone. We just can realize and correct the bad parts into the right one. This the fucking life..

My idola,the camera.

I actually,i don't know much more about camera,SLR,lomo cam and whatever things like that. Fact,i don't have any camera like that. I am too poor to buy them. I really want one! Seriously,the camera is so good and expensive,maybe i can get one if i save my money while 2 years saving -_- If i have the camera,maybe i WILL be a famous fashion blogger and famous little photographer,just LOL-ing enough. I can go to a mall and buy this camera to take some photos of my clothes,or take one then upload on my tumblr page,or a someone take me one of me/myself then i upload it to my LOOKBOOK page. This just my imaginings...

Indonesia's natural disasters

As we know,Indonesia has many disasters at this month. Like Merapi (volcano eruption) and tsunami in Mentawai.

We must be grateful to god because god never give the disaster to our live. At the fact,so many people lost their families,even their live. I also moved to them who faced the disasters. That was so horrible and full of sadness. I was crying when i heard about the disasters,especially Merapi volcano eruption,because the disaster was near to my village,Jogja. My town. My father was so panic and calling to his relatives and our families to there,luckily,they were fine. Alhamdullilah,god forgive us (as like a human being) because we often break this nature,we often forget to pray,we often late to say "sorry" about this. We really sorry to god :'( ...

November 12, 2010

friday night = FREE DAY NIGHT :D

Hello blogger! Good evening! :D
I really happy but i don't know why,maybe because tomorrow is SATURDAY and it is FRIDAY NIGHT = FREE DAY night ;) although i have many tasks,but i feel like free of fucking tasks and feel free of schooling :p !
Today is not a special day too but i think its the special one because......OH MY GOD I CANT TELL YOU :P i don't know why i am so excited at this time,maybe because its FREE DAY night and no one cant skip this special day. Everyone can goes to some malls and take a walk with their families,their boy friend and their friends. What a special day right! but although i never do like that,i think this evening will be good and will be a nice one because.......... i'm sorry i cant tell you and i am so excited :D

November 10, 2010

Around the world :')

     Everyone has big dreams,has big imaginations and has wonderful wishes. Everyone has to close their eyes then make a wishes. Just like me,i have a big dreams which i hope that can be true at all,i really wanna around this world with my parents. I really wanna find something from this world,like a new friend,a new moment which can gimme a wonderful lesson. I just watched some children who can around this world with their parents,it just makes me envied. Stop dreaming,we can listen to Katy Perry's new song,Firework! It makes me feel wonderful and just feel amazing :')
     Can we around this world,god? can we find something new which it really amazing god? Can we have much money to around this world? :") This some ordinary children's wishes :') We are poor but we always try to get all of we want...

October 30, 2010

tigre-escobar : You are so sexy when you are unfaithful2me

   This the hottest site on tumblr! Although some girls are naked on the cover,they wore a hot fashion but not a porn fashion. I actually do not mind about that,but sometimes i hate some girls who want to does a naked on the someone's cover. hehe LOL. I think,tigre - escobar is just a school of photography. I'm sorry this just my thought.  I never found a site like this,cause this site is awesome and sometimes this site is fucking hot. Some models get naked on the cover,some models just have some exotic faces :D
If you wanna know more about the site which i told you,you can check this link---> http://unfaithful2me.tumblr.com/

October 21, 2010

Lovely shoes

Do you know about Jefrey Campbell shoe? One of the beautiful shoes in the earth :p My mum ever buys the shoe but she loses it. I don't know where my jefrey campbell is now -,- I actually,do not know more about this. I just read the magazine which i read last month and this shoe is be trending fashion in this month. Wow great. I've ever seen that LADY GAGA wore this shoes. But,of course she wears it with super high heels. 
Cool right?! I don't know a person who creates this amazing shoes. I think the shoes are like ankle boots. Yes,they both are amazing and beautiful. They are cool to every girl who love fashion so much. I wish that my mum can buy Jeffrey Campbell to me then i wear it when i go to school. HOWS COOL! LOL.

something about life

Gonna back to nature and touch the old of life. No regret and tryin' to deserve. This the life,sometimes we can on the top and we can below in line of reality. We are trying to reach everything we want,we are trying to catch the wishes which we made. We are humans who always hoping. Then,we come back and call it "Back to nature". Some people can not receive that they must come back to the old of their life. They are not satisfied with their life. I think,now i just can be grateful. Although i rarely to pray to god. I am sorry god. I never forget you,i just rarely and sometimes the dark angles disturbed me. This the life. Life is never gorgeous. Sometimes,there is a small "storm" in this life,and then the "rainbow" come back and brighten this life. We never can count our life.So,this he life which never gorgeous. Trying to be grateful. Throw off the sadness. And welcome the happiness. This the life.


October 19, 2010

Marmut merah jambu

The new sensation! Walaupun gue belum beli buku ini,dan belum baca juga,gue tau kalo buku ini pasti kocak banget. Keliatan dari cover nya,dan pengarangnya yang walaupun ASLINYA GAK KOCAK! yup,he is Raditya Dika. The funniest writer although he is not funny in a real life. LOL. Some of his fans protested to him,cause actually he is not funny and he is not a joker anymore in a real life. But,yeah his posts are fucking funny and mostly people were laughing when read his posts! I do not follow his twitter yet,cause i will not fill up my following on twitter,lol. Pasti semua udah baca buku ini?! Ya lah,cuma gue yang belum,maklum gue gak uptodate atau apalah (-_-)
This the book of Raditya Dika,Marmut merah jambu yang super kocak :D

October 17, 2010


This just me! 
I am ugly? yes. My fucker face :D
My bad pictures :p